Updating Variety Details for Insights

Hectre produces valuable insights on your harvest and revenue by using values you personalize to calculate your Yield, Cartons and Revenue. To calculate these points effectively you can set up your varieties with the following values:

  • Carton price
  • Carton Weight
  • Packout Percentage
  • Bin Weight

These values can be set individually for each of your varieties, or you can set a default rate to be applied to all varieties that do not have the above values specified .
For example, if I set up Granny Smith on my Hectre account with a specified Carton Price of 25, but I do not specify the carton weight, bin weight, or packout percentage; then the defaults I have set on my account will be used for calculating yield, cartons, and revenue on my Insights page.

Let's look at how to set these up below.

Video instructions below followed by written instructions:

We'll be using the Hectre Web Dashboard to set up these values.

Step 1 - Setting up our defaults

  • Head to Admin (1)
  • Varieties (2)
  • Defaults (3)
  • Click Edit (4)

The default values you set here will be applied to any variety that does not have one of those values specified (see step 2). Carton weight must be more than zero for the calculations on the Insights page to work.

Step 2 - Set up individual variety values

  • Head to Admin (1)
  • Varieties (2)
  • Types (3)

Step 3

  • You can add certain values for specific varieties (4) by clicking the Edit button (5)

Step 4

  • Update details
  • Click Save

Any values I don't enter here will use the default values I set in Step 1.

If you have questions that weren't answered in this article, please email us at support@hectre.com and we'll gladly help you out.

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