Setting Up Your Account | The Basics

Setting up Your Hectre Account

Depending on which modules you use in Hectre, you'll need to set up details specific to your business. This'll give you a customized account, with powerful reporting to help you make the most of the Hectre Orchard Management Software!

Most of your set up will be done on "the Dashboard".
The dashboard is the website version of Hectre that you'll use on your computer. You can reach the dashboard by typing into your web browser. Google Chrome is the preferred browser to use with Hectre and will give you the best experience.

Below is a list of what you'll want to set up depending on the modules you're using. Relevant articles are linked to show you how to set up each item.


  1. Set Your Password (used for the dashboard and the app)
  2. Add Varieties
  3. Add Orchard details
  4. Add Staff
  5. Add Jobs
  6. Add Leave Types - For recording when staff are away or sick.
  7. Set up your Minimum Wage

On the App

  1. Download the App
  2. Set up Modules on the App - Modules are where you can perform different functions in the app. For example, the Timesheet module is used to record timesheets.

For Harvest

  1. Add Bin / Bucket Rates, Export Countries, Treatments - For assigning a piece rate to a bin / bucket, and tagging where the fruit is being exported (optional) and any treatment applied to that fruit (optional).
  2. Add Qualities, Pick Type, and QC Defects - For recording a quality and/or pick type for the bin of fruit, and for recording quality control details about the fruit in the bin. 
  3. Add Variety Details for powerful insights on your pick costing.

On the App (for harvesting bins)

  1. Customize Bin Docket Information - Choosing what information you want displayed on the bin docket
  2. Connecting iPad to the Bluetooth Printer - For printing bin dockets.

For Scout

  1. Add Scout tasks


To learn how to use each module, check out our categories which contain help articles for each feature of the app.

Harvest - click here

Timesheets - click here

Scout - click here

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