Tracking Pruning & Thinning Progress

How To Track Pruning & Thinning Progress

While Hectre provides many easy to use and straightforward solutions for recording any work done on an orchard, there are also a few hidden tools users can take advantage of. Among the most useful of these, is the ability to track and see your workers' progress while they're pruning or thinning. Let's get started!

Note: Before continuing, be sure to include rows and total trees per row when setting up your orchard; This will only work if you have rows in your setup!

Getting Started

1. Begin by setting up your team and selecting the worker or workers that will be pruning/thinning an area and initiate the clock in process. When prompted to enter a job, select either a pruning job or a thinning job.

2. The next step is choosing a location where the work will be done- this is where our tracking process really begins. After selecting an orchard and block, select the appropriate variety or varieties and the rows that your staff will be working on. As you select the rows, you'll notice a new box opening up for each button selected. You can enter how many trees per row are completed within these boxes (This can be done at this point or afterwards in the Summary).

3. After selecting a clock in time and completing the clock in process, you can see a running tally of the trees completed within the block of time, in the Summary screen.

4. As you make changes to the workers' timesheet like changing the rows they're working on, you'll notice a new button asking if you'd like to update rows for the previously worked area as well as some dots on the selected rows. Clicking this button will take you to a new screen that will allow you to update any trees completed up to this point and will change what these dots look like.

5. With more details now in view, the purpose of the green and red dots becomes clear- as you mark a row of trees completed with the maximum number of trees within the that row, a green dot will let users know that work for the entire row has been completed. Any rows not fully complete will be tagged with a red circle showing that there are still trees left on a particular row. If there are quite a few rows that have all trees completed within them, you can save some time by selecting these rows and pressing the Add Max Trees button located at the top right of the screen. Finally, you can update the rate of pay for these trees within this area in the box located directly under the Rate section. 

6. Save your updated tree count and any other changes made by pressing the Confirm button at the bottom of the screen. You'll now be back at the location selection section for the new area that will be worked on. When you select new rows, you'll be able to continue the process. Note that the rows marked with a red dot are keeping track of the work done in that area previously, so you'll only be able to select the difference from the total number of trees and the trees completed as your highest number (in this example, row 5 had 1 tree marked complete previously, so you'll only be able to select up to 9 trees for this row).  

7. Congratulations, you can now track any pruning or thinning jobs in real time!

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