Importing staff in bulk

Do you have a large number of new staff members you wish to import into Hectre? Or alternatively, you may wish to update a number of existing staff members. Hectre now offers the ability to import csv files containing Staff details in bulk into the Hectre system. If you wish to investigate this great functionality further have a look at the below video or read on.

Importing the staff .csv file.

You've got your import .csv file in good condition by ensuring the Import .csv file has the correct format and the data is valid. Now it's time to import your staff members into Hectre. 

  • Step 1, navigate to Admin\ Staff where you will notice the Import button to the top right of screen. Select the Import button.
  • Step 2, On clicking the Import button the below dialog will be displayed. Use this dialog to either drag and drop your import .csv file or select the import .csv from its folder location. This dialog also provides the ability to export a import template file which contains all the Column requirements as discussed in Formatting your staff import .csv file
  • Step 3, Once the processing of the Import .csv has completed you will be shown a dialog displaying whether Hectre is happy with your import file or not. Reasons for a failure at this point include incorrect column headers or an incorrect file type.

Previewing the import

Now it's time to preview your import by simply clicking the Preview button. The Preview view will provide you with all the information you need regarding all the Staff members being imported, whether they already exist in the system, what changes are being made to existing staff and whether there are any issues with the import data for some of the staff.

The preview view can also be used to de-activate all the existing staff members in the Hectre system who are not present in the import file. To look into how to do this checkout the below section Filters: Existing staff.

Now, let's dive a little deeper to review how you can utilize the available filters to their fullest. 

Filters: To be imported

The To be imported filter allows you to see a list of all the Staff members in the import.csv that pass the strict validation process and are fit for import.

If you are importing some new staff members or are updating existing staff members, the sub filters provided under To be imported provide a way to investigate this further. In the below example, the Sub-filters will allow you to view a list of all the new staff who are not currently present in the Hectre system but are in the import .csv file.

The sub filters also provide the ability to view existing staff members in the Hectre system who will be getting updated as a result of the import. In the below example, a list of all existing staff members who will be getting their dates of birth updated can be viewed via the 68 new dates of birth sub-filter.

Filters: Failed to load

Selecting the Failed to load primary filter will result in the display of all the staff members in the Import .csv file that for some reason cannot be imported into the Hectre system. Which will hopefully be none! 

There are any number of reasons for there being problems with a staff import entry. These range from incorrect format of email addresses to dates, or authorization issues. To make identifying these super easy the displayed table will highlight each issue in red text. If you wish to find out more info regarding the problem, simply hover over the red text and you will see a small message explaining what the problem is. How cool is that! 

In the below example, you can see that the red text highlights the staff member entries with issues and hovering the mouse over a red email address displays "Email already exists in Hectre" (as Hectre cannot house two staff members that share the same email address).

More information on specific data validation case can be found in Formatting your staff import .csv file under Data Validation.

Filters: Existing staff

If you wish to view a list of existing staff members in the Hectre system, then select the  Existing staff filter. 

This filter will be helpful in the instance that you wish to deactivate any existing staff member who is not in the import .csv file. Follow the below steps to do this.

  1. Review the list in the Failed to import filter to make sure you are happy that all the invalid staff entries have been addressed.
  2. Select the Existing staff filter followed by the NOT in this import sub filter to display a list of staff members who exist in the system but are not present in the import .csv file.
  3. Doing so will enable the De-activate staff checkbox. Clicking this checkbox 
  4. Select CONFIRM IMPORT to deactivate all staff members existing in the Hectre system who are not present in the import .csv file along with importing information for the staff members present in the import .csv file.

Selecting the  In this import sub filter will result in a list of Staff members who exist in Hectre already and are also present in the Import .csv file. 

Finalizing your import

Once you have reviewed the import preview and are satisfied the details present in your import .csv file are where you require them then simply select the CONFIRM IMPORT button at the bottom of the import preview view. 

And there you have it! All the staff members and details present in your .csv file that passed validation will now be in the Hectre system!

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