Formatting your Staff Import .csv file

Before starting your staff import, you will need to ensure your .csv file is in the correct format to be imported. This comprises two main areas, making sure the file is formatted correctly and making sure the data in the file is valid. Without these areas being addressed, Hectre won't be able to understand what is being imported! To do this the easy way follow the below steps.

Download Hectre Staff Import .csv template

This template provides a clear view of what columns are required in the import .csv. These column headers need to be present so Hectre can understand what is being imported.

  1. Navigate to the Hectre Dashboard Admin Staff page and select the Import button located on the top right of the screen..
  2. In the resulting dialog, select the link for "Download a CSV file template from here." This will supply you with a blank template, which contains all the column headers that Hectre will require to import the .csv file successfully.

Copy staff details into the import template

  1.  After moving the template file to your required location open both the Hectre template and your staff csv file. In the Hectre template you will find a list of required column headers. These column headers need to be present and named correctly for the import to be successful.
  2. As First Name and Last Name must be present in the import file these columns are a good place to start. Locate the first name column in your original file and select all first name entries (but not the original column header). Once selected, copy and paste into the Hectre template under the first name column. Now do the same for the other columns that Hectre can support. Remember, all the column headers need to be present but not all of them require data. 

Format the data

Now that your import .csv file contains the data, you'll need to ensure certain columns are formatted correctly. Below are the main columns to look out for. If however, you're looking to do something a little more technical like importing staff account types or dashboard access please refer to a more in-depth look into the import formatting and data requirements.

  • Date of Birth: If included, the format will need to be yyyy-MM-dd for example 1988-12-23. For more details on how to convert your date to the required format in excel please read this article on how to do custom date formats in excel. To learn how to use a custom format in google sheets check out how to do custom date formats in google sheets
  • Wage Rate: If included, it will need to be formatted as 12.50 - or if there is no need for cents, then just 12 is fine.
  • Phone Number: Allows for 15 digits with single spaces. To clear out any non-digit characters, select all the entries in the Phone Number column (not including the header) and do a find and replace. For instance, if there are +'s in your numbers, find "+" and replace with "". To learn more about finding and replacing, check out this article on finding and replacing in google sheets and this one to find and replace in excel.

Run an import

After making sure all your staff entries are present and are in the correct format simply save the .csv file and import it into Hectre.  

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