Sending Location Information

One of the important items that the Spectre team requires when onboarding and getting your shiny new Spectre account (or account update) underway is the location information. In a nutshell, the location information is a spreadsheet of your farms or growers and their associated lots and blocks (if applicable). 

We understand that the names of each location segment can change depending on which global region you are in, so please excuse generic/standard terminology.

Before we go into detail about how to format and send your data, let’s first look at how this information will be displayed in the Hectre App. This way, you will have a good idea of how the location information makes sense to your Spectre users.

After selecting your variety, the next screen will be the ‘Lot’ screen - as shown below.

Next you will see the ‘Block’ screen. This screen can be skipped as it is optional.

The last screen before you take the bin photo is the ‘Truck Info’ screen. The ‘Truck Info’ screen has two open text fields, where you can input any relevant information for traceability.  

Both the ‘Truck ID’ and ‘Consignment’ fields will show up in your excel reports, so you can filter and search data from those fields with ease. 

If you don’t have traceability information to record, the ‘Truck Info’ screen can be skipped.

Now that you have seen the screen flow of Spectre: Variety => Lot => Block => Truck info - you should be able to visualize how you will set up your location information and what will make sense to your team using the app.  

The next step is to format your information in this template.

Location Information Template

Please note that to use this template, you will need to click File and Make a Copy.

There are also some helpful tips on the column headers, which you can see by hovering your mouse over the headers.

Once you have entered your information, please share the link or file with your Customer Success liaison.

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