Editing Timesheets in bulk

Whoops!!!! Somebodies made an error when logging the timesheets. To fix this issue a number of the timesheets will require editing. Never fear! Hectre now offers the ability to select all the Timesheets you wish to edit and make the necessary change at the same time. Follow the bellow steps to find out how to do this.      

Step 1: 

Navigate to the Timesheet module's Summary view.

Step 2

In the Summary view select the pen icon to the top right of the screen. This will open a dialog in which you can select an edit action you wish to do, for example, change location. 

Step 3

In the select edit action dialog there will be a list of all the edit actions you can make on the timesheets. Select the edit action you wish to perform on your timesheets. Note! Deleting timesheets is now also part of this process. 

Step 4

Once you have selected your edit action you can now select the timesheets you wish to perform this action on. You can either select timesheets manually or by bulk. 

Doing a bulk selection provides a fast way to select multiple timesheets at the same time. For instance you may wish to select all the First timesheets of the day for all staff members present in the summary or maybe the Last timesheets of the day. Or maybe there are timesheets with a particular Job Type you wish to edit altogether in which case you would select Timesheets by Job.

Once you are satisfied you have selected all the timesheets you wish to edit select Confirm

If you wish to exit the edit process from here simply select the Cancel button located at the top right of screen.

The selection of the action must be done first, as this will dictate which timesheets can be selected. For certain edit actions there are rules in place that may restrict the selection of certain timesheets because continuing would cause a conflict. For instance, you are not allowed to select multiple timesheets for the same staff member if you wish to edit the clock in and clock out times, as doing so would result in an overlapping timesheet.

Step 5

Based on which edit action you have chosen the appropriate view will be displayed to update that information. In the instance below it is to change Location. Once you are happy with your changes just hit the Confirm button and you are good to go.

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