Understanding Spectre Results | Dashboard

View all your Spectre results on the Spectre Dashboard to access features such as:

🔍 Advanced searching

🍎 View images and results

📊 Aggregate results

⚖️ Compare lots

📥 Download or email data

How to Understand the Spectre Dashboard Results Page

  • Figure 1 shows a standard Spectre results page.
  • Figure 2 shows what these results mean.

Figure 1

Figure 2

Numbers in image correspond with numbers listed below:

  1. Date and time of group upload
  2. Details of the group (what was scanned)
  3. Total bins sized, total fruit sized, average size
  4. Click to view images taken in more detail
  5. Size measurement used (e.g. Count Size)
  6. Percentage of fruit
  7. Coverage of fruit in the desired color
  8. Percentage of fruit
  9. Download results charts
  10. Email or Download a CSV file of results

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