Set Color Parameter for New Lighting Condition

When receiving fruit, Spectre detects if there is an existing color parameter for the lighting condition. If a color parameter is not found, your company Color Expert will be sent an email.

The color expert will be able to set the new color parameter in the Spectre Dashboard. This new parameter will be automatically applied to all previous and future scans that fit the lighting condition.

Step 1

  • Open the email from "Support Hectre" with the subject "New Lighting Condition Detected"
  • Click Set Colour Parameter in the email
  • You'll be automatically directed to the Spectre Dashboard

Step 2

  • Add a name for the color parameter
  • (optional) add a description
  • Click on the image icon to select an image (see below)

Step 3

  • Click on any image to use for the color parameter

Step 4

Once the image is successfully uploaded

  • Click Adjust Colours

Note: If the Adjust Colours button isn't visible you may need to scroll down on the pop-up screen, or zoom out

Step 5

You'll see nine apples from the image you just uploaded, along with Hue and Saturation Range adjustment bars.

  • Adjust the Hue Range until you see only the desired color present on each of the nine apples
  • Adjust the Saturation Range specifically to remove glare on the fruit.
  • Once you're satisfied, Click 'Save'

This color parameter will now be applied to all scans that fit this new lighting condition. This includes any previously captured scans.

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