How to Capture Fruit Bin Images While Standing

In this article we show you how to capture fruit bin images while you're standing. You'll be doing this when you use Hectre's computer vision software, Spectre. Following this process will help you to get good images which means you'll get great Spectre data, and we know you love that! 

1 - First up, find a group of fruit bins that you'd like to capture for Spectre use, ensuring that:

  • (a) you're standing on the width (longer) size of the bin, if it isn't a perfect square. Note: if impractical to capture from this length, discuss options with our team
  • (b) the four corners of the bins are visible
  • (c) the top layer of fruit lies flat and is not sloping
  • (d) the bins are filled between 70% - 100% full of fruit
  • (e) if your bins are lined with plastic sheeting, please pull the plastic away from the apples so the camera can see fruit at the edge of the bin. A suggestion is to staple the plastic down in the field!

Here's an example of an ideal bin for image capture.

Below is an example of a bin where the plastic lining is covering the fruit. Make sure you pull the plastic away from the fruit so you can get a good image.

2 - How to Create Spectre Groups for data capture

  • (a) Open the Hectre app on your iPad or iPhone, from the side menu, hit the 'Spectre Group' option

  • (b) Hit the big '+' to 'Create a group'

  • (c) Select the relevant bins that you'd like to capture

  • (d) Select the variety you'd like to capture

  • (e) Select the lot number/name relating to the group

  • (f) Select the block number/name relating to the group

  • (g) Enter the Consignment & Truck Information, then hit 'Next'

3 - How to Capture the image(s)

  • (a) Hold your iPad or iPhone in landscape position (long end on the bottom)
  • (b) Stand in the center beside the widest side of the bin
  • (c) Reach tall above your head to capture the image, or try a selfie stick (always make sure you're safe)
  • (d) Ensure that the bin is centered in the image, all four corners are visible and the camera angle is as tall as possible/close to top-down view
  • (e) Hit 'Done' and repeat for more images within the group

Watch this 30 second clip below for a quick run through!

4 - Submit the Spectre Group

  • (a) Once the Group summary contains all the correct bin images to be submitted, hit 'Upload'

(b) The Group will be submitted and you can now upload another group, or you can start reviewing the results and enjoying that great data!

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