Take Photos of Fruit for Spectre

In this article we show you how to capture images of your fruit bin for sizing / color results.

To capture a good image for Spectre, follow the checklist below:

✅ The bin is 70 - 100% filled with fruit

✅ The top layer of fruit is flat (not mounded in the the centre or to a side)

✅ All 4 corners of the bin are visible

✅ You're standing facing the longest side of the bin (*see note below)

✅ Your device is rotated into landscape mode - this is important!

✅ If bins are lined with plastic, pull plastic away from apples so the fruit at the edge of the bin can be seen

*As standard, Spectre accounts are configured to size bins photographed from the longest side. Your account can be configured to take images from the shortest side if it suits your workflow better. Please contact support@hectre.com if you wish to do this.

Below is an example of an ideal bin image for sizing. See the 4 corners of the bin visible (circled in blue).

Check out the example video below.

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