Spectre Frequently Asked Questions

1. My photos have bad angles. 

Review the tips in the picture taking section. And, also know that it typically takes about 15-20 training photos to figure out what works best for you. So don’t give up after 5 pictures! Take mental notes about the ones that worked. What was the angle of your arms? Angle of the iPad? How far did you stand away from the bin? With intentional changes, most people are up and running in less than 10-15 mins. 

2. I’m short and can’t get many detections! 

We’ve seen success using a selfie stick/tripod  to double those detection numbers, especially at receiving platforms. You can use a selfie stick to extend over the bins and the tripod part to safely set the iPad back down on the platform. 

Please note that if you’re using an iPad mini, you’ll need to get an adaptor for the selfie stick. You can find them on Amazon here:

Selfie Stick/Tripod combo

iPad adaptor

If you are in the field, you can also use an orchard ladder. 

3. A group didn’t upload. What happened and what do I do? 

This usually happens when there is little or poor cellular reception or WiFi. You’ll just need to re-upload when that connection is available again. Go into “Today’s Results” view and click on the group that failed to upload. It will show you the bin pictures and give you the option reupload. If you no longer want the group, you can delete it. See below for instructions. 

4. I want to delete a group I scanned. How do I do this? 

Go into “Today’s Results” and locate the uploaded group you want to delete. Swipe left on the group. 

5. Will this work on cardboard bins without corners? 

No, not currently. 

6. What does it mean when a variety says “coming soon”? 

There are certain varieties that are not set up with accuracy yet. By customer request, we’ve included these as “coming soon” varieties so you can still scan and take a look at the size distribution. These results are based on modeling for a different variety that is supported. As such, the results will not be accurate. However, we have gotten the feedback that the general size distribution can still be helpful, even if the exact count sizes are off. Feel free to try it out!  

7. Can you give some examples of good pictures? 

They don’t have to be this perfect, but the closer you get to these, the more detections you’ll get. Remember to get all four corners in the picture and get as close to a flat, “top-down” angle as possible.

8. Can you give some examples of bad pictures? 

Don’t do this! Notice poor angles and lack of corners. Remember to get all four corners in the picture and get as close to a flat, “top-down” angle as possible.

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