How To Capture Spectre Color Data For Comparison

Objective: Collect and store red apple bin image data, to allow the Spectre team to validate and improve the color estimation process.

Note: The same data can be used to run size comparisons.

Options for red apple bin sets to prepare for scanning:

  1. Pull aside a set of 10 - 60 red apple bins that can be graded together to produce a single report
  2. If Option 1 is not possible, prepare an entire lot/grader run for scanning
  3. If Option 2 is not possible, prepare a subset of 10 - 60 apple bins from a lot/grader run for scanning

Steps to capture the images with the correct data allocation:

  1. Open Spectre Group
  2. Click Create a group
  3. Select the correct apple bin dimensions, pre-loaded into Spectre
  4. Select the correct variety
  5. Select the correct lot
  6. Select the correct block (if applicable)
  7. Type ‘Color Test’ in the TruckID field
  8. Capture the apple bin images, one at a time. Note that there is a maximum of 30 images per group. If the set of bins pulled aside exceeds 30, another group(s) will be required.
  9. Upload the group
  10. Review the group in ‘Today’s Results’ to ensure that the images were successfully processed (optional for well practiced users)

Providing the grader data for the set of images:

  1. Commit the set of apple bins captured into the grading machine
  2. Produce a grader report, that clearly outlines in terms of pieces and/or weight, the color and size grades seen in the set of apple bins
  3. Ensure that we’ve received a breakdown of the color grade thresholds for each given variety. For example for Variety 1:
    1. Grade 1 = 75% - 100% red
    2. Grade 2 = 45% - 75% red
    3. Grade 3 = 20% - 45% red
    4. Grade 4 = 0% - 20% red

Next steps:

  1. Inform Elizabeth & Luke once this information has been captured

Thank you for joining us on the journey to building the world's most user friendly fruit quality estimation tool!

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