How to Capture Spectre Truck Video Data with iPad or iPhone

Objective: Collect top-down videos of trucks filled with fruit bins using an iPhone or iPad and share with the Spectre team to aid in the development of Spectre fruit scanning from top-down truck scans

Steps to capture and share the top-down truck videos:

  1. Find a typical fruit truck seen at warehouse receiving during harvest time
  2. Load the truck full of fruit bins all at the same height
    1. Option 1: bins are full of fruit (ideal scenario)
    2. Option 2: bins are empty
  3. Find an iPhone or iPad that would typically be used for Spectre scanning
  4. Position the camera at a top-down angle towards the location where the truck can pass by (90 degrees to the ground)
  5. Adjust the zoom until two bins are always visible in each shot, as seen in Fig. 1
  6. Drive the truck to the starting position, right before it passed under the camera
  7. Start the video recording
  8. Drive the truck under the camera at 1 - 3 mph, keeping the camera steady
  9. Once the truck has completely cleared the video capture, stop the recording
  10. Repeat the process, with the bins staggered (different heights)
  11. Share the video recordings with Elizabeth & Luke

Fig 1. Ideal top-down camera angle of truck top with apple bins

Thank you for joining us on the journey to building the world's most user friendly fruit quality estimation tool!

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