Set A New Color Configuration

In this article we show you how to set new color configurations. You'll need to do this one off set up for each environmental/lighting condition that you wish to estimate color under. For example, sunny day, cloudy day, indoor warehouse, etc. Once set up, it's ready to go and you can simply select the configuration of choice when you create your Spectre Group. 

**Your device will need to be connected to the internet while setting color configurations.**

1. First up, find a fruit bin under the lighting condition you would like to set. With the same characteristics as a normal Spectre bin image:

  • (a) the four corners of the bins are visible
  • (b) the top layer of fruit lies flat and is not sloping
  • (c) the bins are filled between 70% - 100% full of fruit
  • (d) if your bins are lined with plastic sheeting, please pull the plastic away from the apples so the camera can see fruit at the edge of the bin. A suggestion is to staple the plastic down in the field!

Here's an example of an ideal bin for image capture.

2 - How to Create a New Configuration

Video followed by written instructions below

  • Go to Setting on the bottom right once inside 'Spectre Group' on the drop down menu
  • Make sure that you're inside the 'Color parameter' tab, selectable in the top-center of the screen
  • Click the Add button on the bottom right of the screed, red circle with '+'

3 - Specify the details of the new configuration

  • Input the Name
  • Capture the image with the desired environmental/lighting conditions
  • Write a description of your choice (optional)
  • Once the name has been uploaded and the image processed, Click 'Adjust Colors' on the bottom of the screen

4 - You'll see the calibration screen where nine apples from the image you just uploaded are selected and presented on the screen, along with Hue and Saturation Range adjustment bars

5 - Adjust the Hue and Saturation Range values, until you see only the desired color present on each apple

  • For example - you should only see red pixel color on the example image where we are calibrating the configuration to detect red color
  • Once you're satisfied, Click 'Save'

6 - Congratulations! You're new color configuration is now ready to use

Next Steps - To use the new configuration, simply select the new setting while you're creating a Spectre Group

  • Remember that you must capture the Group images under the same environmental/lighting conditions as the configuration setting

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