Adding Lots Through The Dashboard

In this article, we show you how to add and assign Lot information to your orchard/warehouse structure. 

Important: Lots must be added, otherwise your complete orchard/block/lot list may not be visible in-app.

1 - First up, log into the Hectre dashboard and enter the 'Admin' tab on the side menu

  • Hectre login web link:

2 - Enter the 'Ranches' or 'Orchard' tab on the top of the screen

3 - Enter the 'LOTS' tab in the second menu

4 - Add a new Lot to your Ranch/Orchard

  • (A) Enter the desired Lot Number or Lot Name
  • (B) Click 'SAVE'
  • (C) You'll see the newly created Lot enter the list of Lots on the left hand side

5 - Enter the Ranch/Orchard where you'd like to assign the newly added Lot

  • (A) Click the 'RANCHES' or 'ORCHARDS' tab on the second menu (not top menu)
  • (B) Scroll down your list of Ranches/Orchards and make a selection

6 - Assign the newly added Lot

  • (A) Click on the desired Block under 'ADD NEW BLOCK', Note: if you do not use the notion of 'Blocks', a dummy block is used as a placeholder
  • (B) Select the newly added Lot from the dropdown selection under 'Lot'
  • (C) Save the newly assigned Lot by scrolling down and clicking 'SAVE'

7 - Congratulations! You can now view the newly assigned Lot in-app

  • Note: you may need to exit the app and re-enter to refresh the list

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