Collect Bin Dimensions

Tools required:
- 1x Tape Measure, choose either millimeters or inches.

In this article we show you how to collect bin dimensions. For Spectre to run with optimal accuracy, you'll need to provide us with three values for each standard bin at your operation. 

For example: If you have one standard plastic bin, and one standard wooden bin, you'll need to provide us with two sets of bin dimensions

The three values that make up one set of dimensions:
1 - Width
2 - Length
3 - Thickness

The image bellow gives a visual of the three values above.

1 - First up, measure the Width.

  • Typically longer than the Length
  • External measurement
  • This is the side you will capture your Spectre images from, the most important measurement

2 - Next, measure the Length.

  • Typically shorter than the Width
  • External measurement
  • If you want to capture Spectre images from this side, please inform the team! Your results may loose accuracy as a result.

3 - Finally, measure the Thickness.

  • Small in size compared to Width and Length
  • Tells how thick the edge/border of the bin is


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