How To Add Lots On The Fly In App

In this article we show you how to add Lots through the iPhone or iPad app in real-time. This is helpful when you have a new Lot appear that hasn't been set up in Spectre, right before it's time to scan in a new Group!

We still recommend that pre-defined Lots are set up through the Dashboard.

Video below followed by written instructions

Step 1 - First up, enter 'Spectre Group' on the left hand dropdown menu and hit 'Create a group'

Step 2 - Next, hit the '+' on the top right corner of the 'Select a lot' page, after passing the bin and variety page

Step 3 - Type in the desired Lot Name or Number (1), then hit 'SAVE' (2), keeping the character count bellow seven

Step 4 - Select the newly created Lot, and continue through the normal Group creation process


The newly created lot can now be used and will be assigned to the Group. 

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