How to manage Staff Members with usernames

How to manage Staff Members without emails:

To use Hectre, supervisors need to have an email address. This becomes their Hectre username. Some of your staff may not have an email and in this article we walk through how to create Hectre username login credentials for employees that do not have personal email accounts. 

* To create Hectre username credentials, the Grower will need to manage a company Gmail account. 

To manage username logins, please follow these steps:

  1. Setup a corporate Gmail account. This may sound involved, but trust us, it's easy!
    1. Note: All Hectre usernames for staff members will be managed through this corporate Gmail account 
      1. Example)
  2. Navigate to Admin and People on the Hectre web dashboard to create a new Staff Member
  3. Create new staff member and use a username as their login credential
    1. You can create Hectre usernames by adding a "+" after the original email
      1. Examples) ; ;

  4. Navigate to on your computer

  5. Select Forgot Password? button and type in the Staff Members username. Doing this will send an email to the original company email, in this example, which will allow you to set the Hectre password. 

  6. Login to original company Gmail account that you set up and you will find a reset password email there from Hectre. Click on this and set up a new password for them.

  7. Provide username and password (the one you just set up for them) to your Staff Member. They should be all sorted now!

*Troubleshooting tip: If the reset password link in the email isn’t working, it’s probably because the link has expired. Go back to step 5 and you should be sorted!  

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