Adding Multiple Jobs for a Group of Staff or Team

Looking for a quick and easy way to add multiple jobs for a team who are all working together on jobs and locations for a day? Then oh boy, do we have a trick for you! 

If your team are all working together throughout the day then you can add and edit those jobs easily in the Multiple Jobs function on the Hectre Timesheet module of the app. You can do this on-the-go throughout the day, enter at the end of the day, or for previous days.

* This functionality is available to supervisors, managers and owners.

1. Let's get started! First choose your staff.

Go ahead and select the staff whose jobs you’d like to log from the Clocked Out section of the Timesheet tab by clicking the circle next to their name.

Make sure you’ve selected the right day you’re entering by checking the date on the top middle. Click the date to choose a different date (Check out How to create timesheets for previous days on mobile app).

2. Next let's click Edit in the top right and hit Add Multiple Jobs.

3. Select the first job the team are working on for the day.

4. Assign a Location that the team are working on and click Select Time.

5. Now let's assign a start time for the job. If it's a piece rate job you'll need to assign Piece Rate. 

Click Clock In.

6. After you hit Clock In you’ll see a snapshot of the job you’ve just logged (see below). 

Looking good? Hit Add Another Job to log the next job the team worked on. 

This’ll prompt you to follow the same process of Steps 3, 4, and 5 of choosing the job, location, and time.

7. You can review the added jobs as you go by clicking the Edit button next to a completed job and editing all details such as; job type, location, piece rate, and time. 

Jobs can also be deleted from this page by clicking the trash can icon on the bottom right of each job section - because we all make mistakes!

Once you've added all the jobs for your team that day click Finish Adding at the bottom of the page. 

8. Now we can assign the team their lunch break (if applicable). 

After you've finished adding jobs you'll be sent back to the Timesheet tab. 

Select Clocked In > Select Staff > Edit > Lunch Break.

Assign a start time to Lunch Break, and select the Lunch break length.

Click Update Lunch Break.

9. Last step! Let's Clock Out the team for the day.

On the timesheet tab under Clocked In staff, click the circle next to all their names or click Select All.

Then click Edit > Clock Out.

Assign clock out time. You can also update rates and rows. See the next note for more info.

Click Clock Out.

NOTE if you have piece rate jobs logged you'll likely be asked to update Missing Rate Type when you clock in another job, or clock the team out.

Let's sort that out! Click the Update button to take you to a page where you can review piece rate and assigned rows and trees per staff member (see below). 

Hit Add Max Trees if all the staff completed all trees in their row. If a row is assigned to multiple people it will split the row evenly between those staff. 

Click Confirm.

Phew, nice work! You've successfully logged a hard day's work for your team.

You can review your team's individual timesheets from the Summary tab. See below example of an individual breakdown. 

From this page you can also edit any of the jobs on an individual level. You can even delete jobs by swiping left on the job and hitting the trash can icon (what did we say before about mistakes...)

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