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Panic! You made a mistake on a timesheet! 

Don't worry, we've got your back. Take a deep breath... and check out our article below on how to: 

  • Edit a Timesheet
  • Delete a Timesheet

Important Note
If you are editing a picking job that has bins assigned to it, you will only be able to edit the time and rate. Location and job type can not be edited while bins are assigned.
If the bin has been incorrectly assigned or the location is incorrect, you must first edit the bins on the Picking module. Check out our help article on How to Record a Picking Job to learn how to edit those bins.

Video below followed by written instructions:

How to Edit a Timesheet

If you notice some incorrect details on your own timesheet ( MyTimesheet module) or one of your team's timesheets (Timesheet module), you can edit those details on the timesheet summary page.

Step 1

To view a summary for an individual timesheet, 

  • Click the i icon next to the name of the staff member you want to view

If you're editing a timesheet that's still in progress, you'll find that person on the Clocked In tab.

Step 2

  • Click Edit on the job you want to edit

When editing timesheets, you may find it easier to first delete the lunch break (swipe left and delete) before editing the jobs. This is because editing any jobs that happen before the lunch break can be harder to change the times of. Lunch breaks also split jobs into 2 parts (1 part before the break, and 1 part after the break). If you remove that lunch break first, then those 2 parts will be reunited as 1 and you can edit that job just once as a whole. Just don’t forget to add the lunch break in again after!

Step 2

You’ll be prompted to update the

  • Job type
  • Location
  • Start time
  • Clock in time
  • Clock Out time
  • If it's a piece rate job, you'll be prompted to update the Rate (piece rate / wage)

How to Delete a Timesheet

If you need to completely delete an item from a timesheet,

  • Swipe left on a job you want to delete
  • Click the Trashcan icon

And just like that, it's like the mistake never happened! Nice work!

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