Printer Maintenance and Tips

Problems with bin tickets not tearing off printer?

Printers being used in the field cop a lot of wear and tear. One area that can require some maintenance, is the tear bar where the bin ticket is torn from after printing. Sometimes the teeth on the tear bar can become blunt as the bin ticket paper is quite heavy duty to enable waterproofing.

You may need a new printer lid (see note below) but first, try sharpening the tear bar. We've put together a handy video below to show you how. 

*The tool used in the video is available at general hardware stores such as Bunnings in NZ (try Eze-Lap Fine Diamond Hone & Stone Sharpener) and at Amazon if outside of NZ.

Click to play video

Need a new printer lid?

If you've tried sharpening the tear bar on the printer lid but are still having trouble printing and/or tearing off bin tickets, you may need a new printer lid.

Our team can source a new printer lid for you and as a Hectre customer, you'll receive the benefit of our buying power and save on costs. 

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