Overtime and Double-time account setup

Payroll: Overtime and Double-time configurations

In this article we review how you can set Overtime and Double-time rules for your Hectre account. This configuration will enable your account to be configured for your specific Countries/States payroll laws.

How To Configure Overtime & Double-time: 

  1. All Overtime and Double-time laws can be configured at app.hectre.com/admin/payroll
    1. Navigate to Admin -> Payroll 
  2. Configure Overtime and Double-time according to your countries/state laws. 
    1. Hectre Supports standard payroll configurations like:
      1. Daily Overtime and Double-time, Weekly Overtime, and Consecutive day overtime
      2. Tracking labor hours for 'Agricultural Work' and 'Non-Agricultural Work'. 
        1. Note: Some countries (or states) have different Overtime and Double-time setups for Agricultural and Non-Agricultural work. If you are tracking both types of work, because they have different overtime and double-time configurations, then please be sure to "Add Non-Agricultural Work Settings" and to define the labor category that every jobs belong to
          1. Note: Jobs will be defined to the "Agricultural" labor category by default

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