Record a Video

Once you have finished setting up the camera and desktop app, log into the app. After logging in, you should see the default main view (the image below).

Follow the steps below to record a video:

Note that all the dropdown values, Camera, Variety, Lot Name, Block, Bin Name, and Color Schema, need to be set up in advance by Hectre Administrators before you can use the app.

Please ensure the correct information for each corresponding truck is entered before recording.

Note that the Variety and Bin Name will affect the sizing result, while Color Schema will affect the color result.

1. Click the Select Camera dropbox to change the camera if required.

2. Select the Variety for the fruit in the incoming truck. Ex: Gala (for apple)

3. Select the Lot Name for the fruit in the incoming truck. Ex: Lot123

4. Select the correct Block for the fruit in the incoming truck. Ex: Block01

5. Select the correct Bin Name with the right Bin Size in Width-Height-Thickness. Ex: Wooden Bin with Width-Height-Thickness as 47x45x1 inches (1200x1155x20 millimeters).

6. Select the Color Schema (if any).

7. If you want to record the Truck ID or Truck number, enter it now.

8. After all the mandatory parameters have been entered, press the record button at the bottom of the screen to start recording.

Note that the maximum length of a video is 90 seconds only. After 90 seconds, the app will automatically stop recording and try to upload the newly recorded video. Of course, you can also manually press Stop to finish the video sooner - just make sure all the bins have been recorded in the video to get accurate results!

Also, note that the Clear button on the bottom left helps you to quickly reset all the parameters.

9. When the video is recording, you will be able to see that it's recording in the recording section at the top of the screen (see the image below).

Note that trucks should pass under the camera at a constant speed of around 1–3mph (2–4km/h) to get the best results

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