Device Management

Orchard operations typically require many devices to ensure a smooth process flow and make the most out of the Hectre app. In this article, we take you through the best practices and options for device management that we see our customers use regularly. 

If you’re unsure which device management option will suit your needs, your dedicated Customer Success Specialist will be happy to help you find the right approach.

Best Practices

  • Label your devices and Bluetooth printers (e.g. Printer #1, Michelle’s iPad, etc.) 
  • Keep a record of who the devices were assigned to 
  • Decide on storage
  • Set up charging stations where needed
  • Provide portable power banks and charging cords for field workers  
  • Enable automatic updates for the Hectre app

Device Storage Options

Keep Devices at Your Premises

This option allows you to store the devices where they are needed the most. 


  • Easy accessibility
  • Secure location
  • Staff accountability
  • Designated charging station


  • Might create an extra stop before and after work to pick-up/drop-off the device.

Take Devices Home

This option is handy when your orchard is spread out across different locations and users can’t access the office on a regular basis.


  • Easy accessibility for device users who have an early start time or do not have a home base.
  • Do not have to make an extra stop before and after the shift to return to the device.


  • Can be easily forgotten or misplaced.
  • Possible device shortage if the device holder does not show up for work.
  • If devices are taken home, there likely won’t be a designated charging station, so multiple chargers may be required.

Establish a Separate Storage Location

It might be wise to set up a separate storage location depending on the layout of your operation. This option is particularly useful for larger operations and for when devices have multiple users.


  • Great way to secure devices during the off season when they are not being used.
  • Centralized storage helps manage inventory and device health.


  • Coordinating redistribution of devices.
  • If a backup is needed, there is no immediate access to a device.

Device Care Tips 

  • Protecting field devices with a hard case will guard against dirt, dust, and possible damage.
  • Use a dry cloth or screen surface cleaning wipes to clean devices when needed.
  • It’s best to keep the device with the user while it is in use or indoors when not in use. You want to avoid forgetting it on top of the tractor tyre!
  • Avoid extreme temperatures (Operational: -4F to 122F / Storage: -40F to 158F).
  • Bring the device inside at the end of the day. Be aware that hot and cold temperatures will drain the battery life.
  • Do not overcharge. 
  • Keep the device dry. 

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