Manage User Permissions

It is important that your staff has the appropriate user permissions that match their actual role in your business. App permissions are set by default when you select the Account Type for the user, but you may need to tailor their Dashboard permissions to match their actual role and responsibilities.  

To manage user permissions, navigate first to Admin (1), then Staff (2) and

  1. Click on name of staff member you want to update permissions for (3a) or
  2. Click on Add New Staff to create a new user account (3b)

Account types 

Account type in Hectre Example roles in the field App permissions (by default based on account type) Dashboard permissions (recommendation)
Staff Seasonal worker, Contractor  None None
Full-time Staff General worker, QC, Tractor driver Regular  None
Supervisor Supervisor, QC Regular Regular 
Manager Orchard manager, Senior supervisor Full Regular, Power or Full
Owner Business owner, Office Admin, Payroll Admin Full Full


There is no App or Dashboard access by default. This is a useful account type for seasonal RSE or H2A workers or contractors since supervisors (or higher) will manage their timesheets and piece records.

Full-time Staff

Gives access to create their own Timesheets and to use Scout on the Mobile App. Usually, this account type is used for workers that are employed throughout the year. We recommend no Dashboard access for this account type.


Gives access to all Timesheets, Scout and Harvest. Supervisors can add workers to their teams to create timesheet records, but they do not have access to data from other teams working under another supervisor. This means that Supervisors cannot benchmark themselves against another team, but can add pickers to their team if they need to throughout the day. We recommend Regular dashboard access for this account type to enable access to Harvest, Scout and Maps dashboards. 

Please note that Supervisors may benefit from Power or Full dashboard access to see staff pay rates for account types below their own but they cannot see the pay rate for other supervisors, managers, or owners.


Gives access to all Supervisor level permissions and the ability to check data inputted by other teams. For example, bins picked in a day by another picking team, performance checks on QC data, and timesheets for other teams.

We recommend Regular, Power or Full access to the Dashboard for this account type depending on their responsibilities. 

If you do not want a user to be able to edit settings on your orchard, we recommend dashboard access of Regular or None. Power dashboard access is useful for administrative purposes such as adding new staff, or editing orchard settings. It does not grant the ability to view other staff pay rates. Managers with Full dashboard access can view the wage rates of all staff regardless of account type.


The access level is the same as the Manager account type.  We recommend Full dashboard access for this account type to give the ability to view ALL financial information and staff pay rates for account types below their own.


Dashboard permissions 

Please see below the breakdown of dashboard permissions.

Harvest Scout Maps Timesheets Admin Payroll Insights
Regular x x x
Power x x x x x
Full x x x x x x x

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