Add Bin and Bucket Pay Rates

If you'll be paying your staff on piece rate for their picking work, the rate of pay for your bins and buckets must first be set up in your account.

Piece rate = staff paid based on how many units they pick

Hint: If you pay your staff on wages (hourly rate) for picking, you'll need to add a rate of $0 to be assigned to your picked bins and buckets.

Step 1

Step 2

  • Click Admin (1)
  • Click General (2)
  • Click Rates (3)
  • Click + Add New Rate (4)

Step 3

  • Enter the rate amount as a plain number up to two decimal places
    • e.g. 12 or 12.50
  • Click Save

Step 4

Edit or delete rates

  • Hover your mouse over the rate you want to change
  • Click the pencil icon to edit
  • Click the trash can icon to delete

Note: If you edit or delete a rate, this won't effect any previously recorded bin or bucket records.

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