Harvest Maps

View harvest maps on the Dashboard to visualize where your fruit is being picked.

In order to view all your picked bins on the map, make sure each users iPad settings allow for the location to be accessed by Hectre.

  • Open the Settings on your iPad/iPhone

  • Scroll down under apps to find Hectre (1)
  • Click Location (2)
  • Choose either "Always" or "While Using the App"

View Harvest Maps

Step 1

  • Log in to the dashboard (app.hectre.com)
  • Click Maps

Step 2

  • Use the + - controls to zoom in or out of the map (1)
  • Drag map to find your orchard
  • Use filters to view what you're looking for (2)
  • Click Apply (2)

Step 3

  • You should now see red or green marks on the map
    • red = a cluster of bin records in one area
    • green = individual bin records

Step 4

  • Hover your mouse over a mark to see bin details
    • Bin ID
    • Date picked
    • Location
    • Pickers
    • Variety
    • Name of who recorded the bin

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