Track Picker Performance

Use the Performance module to see your team's packout rate and recorded quality control defects from the Hectre app.

If your pickers change teams throughout the season, you can use the Performance module to see defects recorded for your new picker to know what issues have been recorded for them in the past.

Let's look at how to use the Performance module:

Step 1

  • Sign in to the Hectre app
  • Open the menu (three lines in top left of screen)
  • Click Performance

Step 2

  • View packout percentage (1) for each team member
  • Use date filters to look for a specific day or a time range (2)
  • If you are a manager, you can click on "Supervisor" (3) and view performance for other teams

Step 3

  • See a progress graph (1) to see how each individuals packout rate has changed (blue) compared with the team's overall packout rate (red)
  • See total bins QC'ed per picker and click on the three dots (2) to see further details

Step 4

  • See pickers percentage of each recorded defect (1) per bin, and how that compares to the team average
  • Click the arrows (2) to view details of each bin QC'ed for the picker
  • Click Done to return to the previous screen

Step 5

  • Click on Defects to see trends on each defect recorded for a picker. For example, if incidents of bruised fruit have decreased or increased over time.

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