View Spectre Hand-Held Results in the App

In this article we show you how to view and understand the results of the Spectre images that you have submitted.

After uploading groups to Spectre, results will be shown on the screen. Results display in order from newest at the top, to oldest at the bottom.

Step 1

On the main Spectre page you will see all groups uploaded today, and the status of each group (see below).

You can tap on the Group “box” to see the results for that scan.

What the symbols mean:

✅ Images successfully processed

⚠️ Some images failed to process

🔺 Most or all images failed to process

🔄 Currently processing images

Step 2

Click anywhere on a group box to open results

Step 3

After clicking on the group, you will see the size results.

Learn how to understand Spectre results

How to take images for Spectre

  • Click "Color" to see color results (is applicable)
  • Click "Photos" to check the images used for sizing

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