Bulk editing bins on mobile app

How To Bulk Edit Bins on Mobile App?

In this article we cover how to bulk edit bins in the Hectre app. This will allow you to update bin records in bulk, which can help streamline the process when changes need to be made.

* This functionality is available to supervisors, managers and owners. If you are trying to bulk edit bins and can't, you may not have permission. Please see your supervisor. 

Video below followed by written instructions

Navigate to the Picking module

1. Navigate to the Picking module. Updating bin records in bulk is done in the same place where bin records are created

2. Select the Edit Bins button to enter selection mode

3. Select the records to edit. You can Select All or manually select multiple records that you'd like to edit

4. After you've selected the records that you'd like to Edit, you can move forward in two ways: 

Option 1) Select Delete to delete bin records in bulk. Proceed with caution - this action will permanently delete the selected bin records. 

Option 2) Select Edit to bulk edit bins. This will take you to a page to modify the orchard, block, sub-block, variety and piece rate for bin records. After your changes have been made, select Confirm Edits, in the top right hand corner

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