How to use Insights

How to use Insights 

In this article we show you how to use the Insights module.

The Insights module gives the Supervisor/Manager/Owner an overview of what is happening on the farm, tracking information such as clocked in staff, fruit picked by block and more in depth data such as yield by variety, labour costs and other useful information a grower might need. 

Information is power, so all power to you!

There are two sets of Insights available:

  1. Insights through iPad or iPhone - This provides a snapshot for the Supervisor 
  2. Insights through the web app dashboard - This option provides more in depth insights for Owners and Managers 

How to use Insights - on iPad or iPhone

  1. Once logged in, click on the gear icon. This will take you to the Orchard Management menu. If you are a Supervisor/Manager/Owner and have been provided with permission for the Insights module, Insights will show up in the left hand menu. 

If Insights is not showing, this means you don’t have the relevant permission - please see your Manager.

2 - The insights main page will display 5 different categories for you to select from:

  • Timesheets
  • Bins
  • Buckets 
  • Pruning
  • Thinning

Here’s what each of them can show you:

Timesheets - Displays information on Clocked in staff (see example screenshots below)

  • By job 
  • By block 
  • By supervisor 
  • Clocked out

Bins (Apples, Pears etc) - Displays the number of bins picked

  • By blocks
  • Varieties
  • Picker

Note: You can select a date by pressing the calendar icon in the upper right corner

Buckets (Cherries) - Displays the number of buckets picked

    • By block
    • Area
    • Variety
    • Picker

Note: You can select a date by pressing the calendar icon in the upper right corner

Pruning / Thinning - Clicking each of these options will allow you to see the pruning and thinning occurring throughout the farm.

Note: You can filter to select a particular block etc by pressing the “Filters” icon in the upper right corner

How to use Insights - through the web app dashboard

For Managers and Owners, the web app dashboard provides a huge amount of options for viewing insights information and you can also download Excel reports straight from your screen. 

The extensive filters enable you to view data by:

  • Ranch / orchard / farm
  • Block
  • Job types
  • Worker types
  • Variety
  • And much more!

You can see yield information, labour costs, staff volumes, bin volumes - all sorts of information and you can slice and dice it using the filters to fit your needs!

Here's what to:

  1. To get to Insights, just click the Insights tab on the left hand side of your main dashboard menu.
  2. Then select which options you want to slice and dice your data with using the drop downs and click the big red “Apply” button.
  3. To slice and dice a different way, just select different drop downs.
  4. To download an Excel report of you’re selected view, simply click the “Report” button next to the big red “Apple” button.

Below are examples of just two of the Insight views you can obtain. There are many more! We suggest you play with the drop down options to become familiar with everything that’s on offer in Insights.  

Example: Insights by orchard / ranch / farm and job type of picking

Example: Insights by variety

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