Use App Insights

The Insights module on the Hectre app gives orchard managers and owners a live overview of what is happening on the farm:

There are 5 different insight types available to view:

  1. Timesheet - who's clocked in, where are they, what are they doing
  2. Bins - what's being picked and where, how many bins
  3. Buckets - what's being picked and where, how many buckets
  4. Pruning - how many trees out of each total row have been pruned and by who
  5. Thinning - how many trees out of each total row have been thinned and by who

How to View Insights

Step 1

  • Log in to the Hectre app

Step 2

  • Click the menu button (three lines in top left)
  • Click on the Insights module

Step 3

Choose which item to view insights about

Timesheet Insights

  • View total number of staff currently clocked in (1)
  • Click on By Location, Job, Supervisor (2) to get more information

Hint: When filtering By Location, click on each Orchard (3) to see which block staff are working in

Bin and Bucket Insights

  • View total picked bins or buckets for the day (1)
  • Click on By Location (2) to see how many bins or buckets have been picked in each orchard
  • Click on each Orchard (3) to view bins or buckets picked per block
  • Click on each Block to view bins or buckets picker per sub block

Hint: click on the calendar icon at the top right of the screen to view another day

Pruning and Thinning Insights

  • Scroll down to view rows per orchard and block (1)
  • View row number, total trees completed per row and total trees in the row e.g 12/45 = 12 tree completed out of a row of 45 trees, see who completed the trees (2)
  • Click Filters (3) to drill down on exactly which area you want to see information about

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