Add Jobs

Your new Hectre account will already be set up with some common orchard jobs. You can use those existing jobs, or edit and delete them.

Add Jobs in your Hectre account so you can keep track of what everyone on your team is doing and gain insights on labor costs per job.

Step 1

  • Log in to your account on (the Dashboard)
  • Click Admin (1)
  • Click Jobs & Tasks (2)

Step 2

To Edit or Delete any existing jobs

  • Hover your mouse over the job you want to change
  • Click the pencil icon to edit (see step 4)
  • Click the trash can icon to delete

Step 3

To add a new job

  • Click + Add a new job type (3)

Step 4

  • Enter the Job Name
  • Choose the Category
    • if it's a picking, pruning, or thinning job make sure to choose the correct category
    • if it's none of the above jobs, leave the category as "Other"
  • Choose the Job Type
    • Piece Rate = jobs will be paid based on units e.g. bins picked, tree thinned
    • Wages = hourly jobs will be paid based on time spent working
    • Both = when using the app, the supervisor recording timesheets can choose on the day if the job will be paid on piece rate or wage (hourly)
  • (optional) Choose the Rate Unit
  • (optional) Add a Cost Code
  • (optional) Choose Labor Category
  • Click Save

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