Creating Job Types

In this article we'll show you how to create your own Job Types in the Hectre dashboard so you can keep track of what everyone on your team is doing. Have a look at the below video or read further to find out how.

Please note, the device you use the Hectre app on (iPad / iPhone) will need to be connected to the internet for any changes you make to show up in the app.

Step 1

After logging into the Hectre Dashboard, navigate to ADMIN > JOBS & TASKS. At the top right of the resulting Job Type table you will see "+ADD A NEW JOB TYPE". Select this text

Step 2

After selecting "+ADD NEW JOB TYPE" you will see the below view. Here you can create your own customized job and name it appropriately. Once you are happy with the Job click "SAVE".

Step 3

Next up assign a Job Category to the Job. As displayed you will be able to select a Category from "Picking (Bins)", "Picking (Buckets)", "Pruning", "Thinning" & "Other". "Other" can be used for Jobs such as General labor and is the default selection. 

Step 4

After you have assigned a "Job Category" you can assign a "Job type". The available Job types are "Piece Rate", "Wages" & "Both". "Both" will give the supervisor the ability to choose on the day whether the worker will be paid hourly or by piece rate and is the default selection.

Step 5

Optional:  Add a cost code for the job type. The COST CODE field is for linking these jobs back to payroll similar to a job ID. This isn't used by everyone, but the option is availablein case you want to record this information.

Step 6

Optional: Select a "Rate Unit". The available options here are "bin", "bucket" & "tree".

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