Add or Edit Task for Scout

Hectre's handy Scout Module allows your Staff to create, assign, and describe a task for themselves or any member of their team.

Tasks can be marked as complete so you can keep track of what work has been done. For example: If I come across a broken fencepost in the orchard, I'd record that using Scout as a Task that needs completing and assign that to the chief fence fixer. When our chief fence fixer has fixed the fence, they can mark it as done on Scout.

Tasks types, sub types, and sub sub types can be personalized on your Hectre Web Dashboard.

Let's get personalizing! 

Step 1

  • Log in the Web Dashboard
  • Head to Admin (1)
  • Jobs & Tasks (2)
  • Task Types (3)
  • Add New Task Type (4)
  • Enter Task Type (5)
  • Click Save (5)

Step 2

Add sub type of task to give your staff more details to choose when creating a task.

  • Click on the task you want to add a sub type for
  • Click Add Sub Type (1)
  • Enter Sub Type name (2)
  • Click Save (3)

You can add a sub sub type by following the above steps when clicking on the sub type you want to add a further layer for.

Learn how to record tasks using Scout in our how-to article all about Scout.

If you have questions that weren't answered in this article, please email us at and we'll gladly help you out.

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