Add a Photo for an Employee

Add employee identification photos from the Hectre app to more easily identify your staff. These photos will also be included on employee badges printed from the Hectre dashboard.

Note: This function can only be done by people with account type Manager and Owner.

Step 1

  • Sign in to the Hectre app on iPhone or iPad
  • Click the menu button (3 lines in the top left)
  • Click the Manager Icon in the top left (see below)

Step 2

  • Click Manage Staff

Step 3

  • Find the employee you wish to add a photo for
    • Hint: use the search bar at the top of the screen to type the name
  • Press and hold the name and hold until you see the Edit and Delete options
  • Click Edit

Step 4

  • Press and hold the circle containing the staff initials
  • Choose to take a photo with your Camera, or upload from your device Gallery

Step 5

You should now see the new photo on the employee account details

  • Click Save to save the changes

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