Print Employee Badges | Dashboard

Print employee badges from Hectre to use for certain functions in the app such as:

  • Scan ID badge to clock in and out
  • Scan ID badge to credit picked buckets and bins

Badges can also be printed from the app using your bluetooth portable printer - learn how

Note: Employee photos can be included in their ID badge. To do this, employee photos must first be added using the Hectre app - how to add employee photos.

Step 1

Step 2

  • Click Admin
  • Click Staff

Step 3


Filter to view staff you want to view badges for

  • filter by account type
  • use search bar to type staff name or ID or email etc

Step 4

  • Select the check box (1)next to names you want to print badges
  • OR click All (2)to select all staff on the screen
  • Click Print Badges (3)

Click Cancel to remove your selection

Step 5

  • Choose how you'd like to print the badges
    • Hint: one badge will display on one page. Choose to print multiple pages per sheet to fit more badges on one page (see below)
  • Choose your printer
  • Click Print

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