Print Employee Badges

Employee Badges can be produced by Hectre to be used with multiple areas of the app:

To print badges for employees from your Bluetooth Printer, follow the instructions below. 

NOTE If you don't have a Bluetooth printer and/or want to print from the Hectre Web Dashboard, please contact 

Let's get started!

Video followed by written instructions 

Step 1

Connect your iPad to your Bluetooth Printer (How to connect your Bluetooth printer)

Step 2

  • Log in to the Hectre app
  • Click on the gear icon. This will take you to the Orchard Management menu.

Step 3

Click on Print Badges

Step 4

Click on a staff members name to print a badge for them.

Printing from the Hectre Web Dashboard

Employee Badges can also be printed from the web dashboard. Once this is activated on your account simply follow these steps to print from the dashboard:

Step 1

Log into the Hectre Web Dashboard. Once you're in, navigate to Admin > Staff.

Step 2

Click on any employee name to open up their Personal Details. Simply click on the Print Badges button you'll see at the top to print that worker's badge- it's as easy as that! 

NOTE Make sure you have a plastic badge printer connected if you're looking to create plastic badges.

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