How To Use The Cherry Module

In this article we cover how to use the Cherry Module. We provide an overview and then show you all you need to know about recording buckets during the pick.

Through the Cherry Module, managers and supervisors can effectively oversee all aspects of cherry harvest, including:

  • buckets completed per hour per worker or per team
  • total cost of labors
  • location management 
  • and more! 

The new and improved scan function also accelerates workflow in the field and creates a detailed work record/history that complies with employee acceptance requirements where applicable. 

Part 1 - Cherry Module Overview

Note: You'll need to make sure your team is built and checked in via the timesheet module before entering the cherry module.

1. Start by selecting the Cherry Module in the main menu. 

2. Once you're in the module, select:

  • the location being worked
  • the cherry variety
  • what row you're team will be picking (if you're tracking by the row)
  • and the rates by which your team will be paid. 

Do this by pressing any square over the Total Buckets display (labeled Farm, Block, Variety or Rate).

3. After either square is pressed, you'll see another screen pop up. 

Here, you can set the location worked by farm, block, variety, and row. You can also set your pay rate per bucket. At the very bottom, you'll see a slide toggle that lets you record the volume inside each bucket scanned. By default, it'll be set at 100% since most of the time the bucket will be 100% full before being scanned.

If you want to scan a bucket that isn't full, slide the volume toggle to the appropriate percentage and the app will automatically calculate the pay rate based on the percentage chosen (For example, if you're scanning a bucket that's half full, move the toggle until it reads 50%). 

Once your selections are confirmed, press the "Back" button at the top left of the screen.

4. At the top of the screen is the Bucket Summary. This shows you real time updates on buckets completed/scanned by a supervisor or checker. 

Below that, you'll see a list of the workers currently on your team as well as a My Team selection. You can select any worker on this list to quickly bring up the total buckets they've completed so far, how many buckets they average per hour and their pay - "Total Cost" (shown to the right of the list). Selecting "My Team" shows you these numbers based on your entire team.

5. Above the Bucket Summary is the "Today" button. Clicking it will bring up a calendar that allows you to select a previous day in order to review and amend any previously recorded work. 

Once you're ready to go back to today, simply press the same button (which now shows you whichever date you selected) and select the current day.

Part 2 - Recording Buckets

Now that we've covered the basics, it's time to start recording buckets! You can do this either by scanning a worker's badge or manually adding a bucket for a worker. We'll start with the first option. 

Scanning A Worker's Badge

1. Next to the "Today" button is the "Scan" button. Clicking this brings up the name badge scanner. This gives you the fast and easy option of scanning a worker's badge to record a completed bucket. To initiate a scan, press the big red scanner button.

2. A pop up window with a view to your device's camera will now be visible. Once your device picks up a worker's badge QR code, a beep will sound and a notification showing you that a bucket was added will appear at the top of the screen, along with the total number of buckets completed for that worker. You can keep this window open to scan multiple badges one after the other. Once scanning is complete, press the back button at the top left corner of the pop up window to return to the main screen. 

Note: Once a worker's badge has been scanned, they will have to wait some time before being scanned again. This feature helps you avoid double up mistakes so people don't get scanned twice by accident. If they try to scan their badge before this time period is up, a notification will pop up informing you that they were previously scanned. This waiting period can be modified in your dashboard.

Manually Adding A Bucket

1. Press the "Scan or Names" button at the top so that it reads "Scan". You'll notice that the large scan button has gone. 

Select a name from your team and press the "Add Bucket" button at the bottom right of the screen. You'll see a large notification on the left hand side with the worker's name and an animation that keeps tally of their completed buckets. 

Note: Unlike the badge scan function, there is no waiting period. You can add as many buckets per worker as soon as you'd like.

Part 3 - Other Functions

For the Cherries module, you can update pay rates and piece count per worker, without having to go through the Timesheet module. All of this is handled internally in the Cherries module. 

Changing Location/Piece Rate

We've already covered how to set up location and pay rate information in Part 1, Steps 2-3. Changing location and piece rate, after already recording buckets in one sector is very similar. 

1.  In the Cherries module, the squares over the Total Buckets display will show you the previously selected location and rate. Press any square to open up the location pop up screen. 

2. Select your new location and piece rate. Click the Back button once this is selected.

3. When you start to record workers' buckets again, the previous scans from the old location will automatically clock out when the new location was entered, and the new scans will show up in the correct location along with any new piece rate. You can see this through the Timesheet Summary page.

1. Similar to location and piece rate, the number of cherry buckets completed can only be reduced through the Cherries module. 

Simply select the name of any worker who's bucket count you wish to change, and in the "Total Buckets" field, click on the three red dots.

2. You'll see a screen pop up detailing every scan that was recorded for each worker. To ensure you're deleting the correct bucket, check the time, location, variety and pay rate shown within each scan. 

3. To delete a bucket, click on the red trash can icon on the right side of the bucket details. Confirm that you're wanting to delete the scan by pressing Ok on the notification. The bucket is now deleted.

For Quality Control purposes, you might find it useful to take pictures or jot down comments before recording a finished bucket. 

1. Select a worker. Just under the Total Buckets display, you'll see two buttons labeled Add Bucket and Comments/Photos. Click on the Comments/Photos button.

2. You'll notice a comment box and a red camera button. To leave a comment, simply tap the comment box and jot down whatever you want to add. Clicking on the red camera will open up the camera function on your device. Take a picture by clicking the circle at the bottom of the pop up screen. 

3. Any pictures taken or comments written will be stored under each worker's name in this section. You can always click on the Comments/Photos button to bring them back up.

Other Notes

*If you try to modify a worker's information on the Summary page of the Timesheet module, you'll find that you're only able to change hours worked.

1. After opening the Timesheet module and navigating to the Summary page, click on the "Edit" button by the selected worker's name.

2. You'll be taken straight to the final screen with notifications telling you the piece rate selected within the Cherries module, and a display below that to set the hours worked.

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