Add Rates from the App

Bin and bucket pay rates can be set up in advance from the dashboard. If you're out in the field and need to add a new rate, managers and owners are able to do this from the Hectre App.

Below shows where rates can be selected by supervisors and bin checkers under bin details in the Picking Module

Learn How to Add New Rates

Step 1

  • Sign in to the Hectre app on iPhone or iPad
  • Click the menu button (3 lines in the top left)
  • Click the Manager Icon in the top left (see below)

Step 2

  • Click Manage Rates

Step 3

  • Click the plus + symbol to add a new rate
    • Enter the rate amount as a plain number up to two decimal places
      • e.g. 12 or 12.50
  • To delete a rate, long press on the rate you want to change and click delete

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