Set Account Defaults

Customize your account settings for accurate payroll calculations, and harvest bucket scan settings.

There are 3 categories of Default settings. We'll outline what each mean in the following article.

  • General
  • Lunch Break
  • Device Settings

To access Default settings:

  • Log in to the Dashboard (
  • Click Admin (1)
  • Click General (2)
  • Click Default (3)


  • Minimum Wage (1)
    • The amount of pay per hour applied to any staff member without a wage rate assigned on their personal account
    • The minimum amount that piece rate workers should be paid. If a worker does not make this amount, Hectre will calculate a "TopUp" for the worker
      • TopUp = how much extra must be paid after piece rate earnings to make minimum wage
    • Learn more about your account minimum wage
    • If you're updating the minimum wage rate after timesheets have already been recorded, you can backdate the wage rate amount (2) to be applied to any timesheets from a certain date

  • Paid Break Length (3)
    • Calculated at one paid break every four hours. Set the default length of this break here.
    • For staff working on contract rate / piece rate, the paid break pay is calculated based on their piece rate earnings.

  • Sick Leave Length (4)
    • App timesheet users are able to record days they've been unable to come to work due to sickness. Sick days are recorded as paid day's off in Hectre.
    • Set the default hours of leave if workers call in sick
    • If your sick days are not paid, they can be set up as an unpaid leave type - learn how

Lunch Break

Lunch breaks are recorded as unpaid time in Hectre. If your staff require a paid lunch break, this should be set up as a Job.

  • Lunch Break Length Selection (1)
    • Choose if App timesheet users can select a lunch break length
      • There are 3 options: 15min, 30min, 45min, 1hour

  • Lunch Break Length (2)
    • Choose what the default lunch break length should be

  • Lunch Break Start (3)
    • Set the default start time for a lunch break
    • This can still be changed by app timesheet users

Example of how this selection page looks in the app

Device Settings

  • Scan to Add Buckets (1) - for cherry /bucket users only
  • QC for buckets (2) - for cherry /bucket users only
    • Allow supervisors to record quality details for picked buckets

  • Consecutive Delay (3) - for cherry /bucket users only
    • This prevents the same picker from being credited a picked bucket within a time frame that you define.
    • Prevents accidental double scans

  • Clock in Cancel (4)
    • There are two methods for handling picking timesheets
      • Bin records and timesheets recorded separately
        • or
      • Bin records will clock in staff who have no timesheet for the current picking location
    • When recording bins /buckets for pickers, if they are not clocked in for that picking area a pop-up screen will prompt the bin checkers to clock them in. This option allows for the bin checker to ignore that clock in action

  • Military time format (5)
    • Option for time to display on the app and dashboard in military time or match each device time format

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