Add Staff Members from the iOS App

Adding a Staff Member (done on the mobile app)

We've made adding a new staff member, nice and simple! 

  • Part 1 - Add a new staff member
  • Part 2 - Checking / Changing Module Access

* This is a task generally given to supervisors and managers, so if you can't do the following, you probably don't have the permission to do so. In that case, please refer to your manager for assistance.

Part 1 -  Add a new staff member

Video instructions below, followed by written instructions:

Step 1 

Once logged in, click on the gear icon. This will take you to the Orchard Management menu.

Step 2

You’ll now see the four block menu. Click on the second block “ Manage Staff”.

Step 3

When you open up "Manage Staff" you'll see a list of staff members.

To add a new staff member, simply press the plus symbol on the top right of the screen.

Step 4

Next, enter the new staff member's details and click "Save" at the bottom. 

Step 5

You'll now be taken back to the staff screen and will see that your new staff member has been added. Yay! Job done!

Part 2 - Checking  / Changing Module Access

Checking Module Access

If you wish, you can now check which modules your staff member has access to by clicking their name, opening their details and clicking the " Modules" tab. 

Changing Access to Modules

You can change what access to modules your staff member has, by swiping modules on or off, using the circles, depending on which modules your staff member should have access to. (If you can't do this step, it may be that you don't have permissions for the task - please refer to your Manager for assistance. The example shown here is for someone who is using lots of modules, which may not be the case for your staff member who may only have access to a couple of modules.)

If you have questions that weren't answered in this article, please email us at and we'll gladly help you out.

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