Add or Deactivate Staff Members

In this article we show you how to add or deactivate staff members from the Hectre Web Dashboard on the Computer. This is a common task, as new staff will join and leave (or not return), especially during harvest and thinning seasons. You can learn about different account types for staff on our article outlining User Permissions.

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Adding a Staff Member

Video below followed by written instructions:

Step 1

*Please see corresponding numbers on bullet points and images below*

  • Admin (1)
  • Staff (2)
  • Click Add New Staff (3)

Step 2

  • Enter staff Personal Details (required: First Name, Last Name)
  • Choose Account Type (full explanation of what these mean here)
    • Staff
    • Full-Time Staff
    • Supervisor
    • Manager
    • Owner
  • Choose Dashboard Access (full explanation of what these mean here)
    • None
    • Regular
    • Power
    • Full
  • Optional Email Address (required for account types: Full-Time Staff, Supervisor, Manager, Owner)
  • Click Save

Details on the different Account Types and Dashboard Access can be found 
You can choose to enter a specific Wage Rate for your staff here. If you leave the Wage Rate Blank, the default minimum wage will be used for this staff member.

Deactivating a Staff Member

If you thought adding a staff member was easy, deactivating them is even easier! This task is generally carried out by an admin or manager using the web app.

Step 1 
*Please see corresponding numbers on bullet points and images below*

From the Web Dashboard head to:

  • Admin (1)
  • Staff (2)
  • Search for staff member to deactivate (3)
  • Click anywhere on their name (4)

Step 2

  • Click Deactivate Staff Member (1)
  • Click Save (2)

Once deactivated, a staff member's previous timesheets can still be viewed. 

If the staff member returns, you can simply search their deactivated account and reactivate them.
They can be found by filtering your view on the Admin > Staff page for Deactivated Staff, and Search their name. 
Then click on their name, and uncheck the Deactivate Staff Member box (see above image) and click Save

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