Add or Deactivate Staff Individually

Learn how to add staff to your account one-by-one in order to record timesheets for staff. We'll also learn how to deactivate staff when they leave your business.

If you need to add or remove a large amount of staff, learn how to do this by importing a csv file

⚠️ Important

Before you add staff, first learn:

Add Staff

Step 1

Step 2

  • Click Admin (1)
  • Click Staff (2)
  • Click + Add New (3)

Step 3

learn about staff permissions

Enter staff Personal Details - mandatory items outlined in image below

  • Enter First and Last Name (1)
  • Choose Account Type (2)
  • Choose Dashboard Access (3)
  • (optional) Email Address (4) - required for account types: Full-Time Staff, Supervisor, Manager, Owner
  • Enter a Wage Rate - for staff members who are paid an amount different to your account Minimum Wage
  • (optional) choose Contractor type - learn more
  • Click Save

Deactivate Staff

  • Click Deactivate staff member
  • Click Save


Once deactivated, a staff member's previous timesheets can still be viewed.

Deactivated staff can be found by using the filter "Staff Type" (see below). To reactive a staff member, click on their account and uncheck the Deactivate Staff Member box (see above image) and click Save.

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