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In this article we'll show you a way to define/categorize your staff in the Hectre web Dashboard. This is a great way to group your staff for when you're running payroll reports or checking out timesheets. Typically, this is used to define staff who you've gotten through a particular contractor company such as an H2A or RSE contractor, but you can use this tool to group your staff in any way that would be advantageous for your payroll team or field supervisors.

Below we'll walk you through how to set up a contractor type in the dashboard, and how to filter payroll and timesheets by those contractor categories.

* This functionality is available to supervisors, managers and owners with 'power' dashboard access. If you are trying to set up contractor types and can't, you may not have permission. Please see your manager.*

Video below followed by Written Instructions:

We've split this tutorial into 3 parts
Part 1 - Setting up a Contractor
Part 2 - Running a Payroll report for a specific Contractor type.
Part 3 - Checking Timesheets for a specific Contractor type.

Let's jump in!

Part 1 - Setting up a Contractor

Step 1
Firstly we need to set up the contractor types in the dashboard.

On the web dashboard head to:

  • Admin (1)
  • General (2) 
  • Contractors (3) 
  • Click Add new Contractor Company (4)
  • Enter the Contractor Company's name (5)
  • Click Save (6)

See image below with steps in blue squares and corresponding numbers 1 to 6 for each of the stages outlined above.

Step 2

Now let's head to the Staff page and start adding the Contractor Company to relevant staff profiles (or creating new staff with the Contractor Company defined, check out our article on "How to add or deactivate staff members").

First head to:

  • Admin 
  • Staff
  • Click on staff member you'd like to edit

Step 3

  • Next click on the Contractor box
  • Click on your previously-set Contractor type from the drop-down list

Step 4

  • Double check the details all look right
  • Click Save

Step 5

Now when we look at the Active Staff list you should see the staff member with the name of the Contractor Company by their name.

You can filter your Active Staff by clicking on the Contractor For column, which will make it easier if you need to edit a wage rate, deactivate staff, or make any other adjustments specific to that type of contractor.

Part 2 - Running a Payroll report for a specific Contractor type.

Now let's take a look at Payroll and how you can use this new Contractor type to filter your payroll.

Step 1

  • Head to the Payroll tab on the dashboard (1)
  • In the top right click on the Contractor option on the payroll filters menu (2)

See the below image with blue boxes and corresponding numbers 1, and 2.

Step 2

  • Choose the Contractor type you want to filter by

Step 3

  • Then click 'Apply' to show your staff filtered by the chosen Contractor type.

Optional - Step 4
The Contractor type is viewable on the standard payroll Export (click Export, click Report to), but can also be viewed on the quick view results you can see on the dashboard. The Contractor column is usually hidden all the way across on the right side of the screen, but you can move this column around by clicking 'Customize Columns' on the top right (see below).

Optional - Step 5
From this menu you can un-check any of the columns you want to hide, and drag and drop rows to control the order of table columns.   In this example we want to see the Contractor column next to Employee ID, so we click and drag that Contractor option up to the top. Click 'Confirm' to solidify your column preferences. 

These preferences will be saved for the next time you're on the payroll page. To reset the columns to their default view, click 'Customize Columns'  > 'Restore Defaults'.

Optional - Step 6
After you hit 'Confirm' you'll see the column right where you wanted it to be. If for some reason it hasn't moved, click 'Apply' on the top right and that should do the trick.
Now we can see the Contractor category next to each of our staff.
For a CSV file of exactly what you see on the results screen, click the Quick Export button at the top of your results (in this instance it's above the 'Contractor' column on the image below)


Part 3 - Checking Timesheets for a specific Contractor type.

Now let's take a look at filtering Timesheets by Contractor type.

Step 1

  • Head to Timesheets (1)
  • Click More Filters (2)
  • Click on the All Workers filter to choose the contractor (3)
  • Click Apply (4)

See the image below with the corresponding steps 1 to 4 in blue squares.

And that's everything you need to know to categorize your staff, and view those categories in Payroll and Timesheets!

If you ever run into any issues, please contact - we'd love to hear from you!

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