Build Your Team | Android

Are you a supervisor or manager who needs to record timesheets for their team on an Android phone? Well this one's for you!

Before you can record timesheets for a crew, you need to first add them to your team on the Hectre app.


We're all for staff sharing, so one staff member can sit on multiple supervisor's teams or be added to a team half-way through the day. The function works best when all supervisors are connected to wifi or data.

Step 1

  • Click the menu button on the top left

  • Click on the Timesheet module

Step 2

  • Click on the Build Team tab on the top middle of the screen

Step 3

  • Click the + icon next to the people you want to add to your team.


Those you select to be on your team will be added under Your Team (see below image). Other people you haven’t selected will be under Build Team.

Step 4

  • Click My Team to go back to the timesheet main page

Remove People From Your Team

Remove people from your team by clicking the - icon next to their name.

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