Recording QC Details for a Bin

Hectre allows you to enter QC details for your bin records, to help keep track of damage or defects found on the fruit during a quality control check. Managers can also view how these recorded defects are tracked per picker from the Performance module, to help keep track of pickers that may need some help.

Below we'll outline how to enter these QC details on your bin records. If you need a refresher on how to use the Picking module, check out our how-to article here.

Step 1

From the Picking module after you have recorded a bin:

  • Click QC on the bin record to enter quality control details

  • Click Add new QC 

Step 2

There are 3 defect categories available to record:  Picker damage, Cosmetic, Pests

  • Update the Sample Size (1)
  • Click on a defect category (2)
  • Click the button next to any defects you want to record (3)
  • Click Save when you’ve finished adding QC details (4)


You can always come back in and edit these details later from the picking module.

Those QC details will now be saved to that specific bin and can be viewed and edited at any time. Full picker performance can be viewed by Managers on the Performance module of the app.

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