Record Sick or Leave Days for a Team | iOS

Because we all need a break from time to time, we'll be showing you how to record sick or leave days for your team members on the iOS app

Let's dive right in!

Video Instructions:

Written Instructions:

Step 1

Head to the Timesheet Module

Step 2

  • Find the team member you want to record a leave / sick day for
  • Click the i icon next their name

Partial leave: Find the team member on the Clocked in tab if they've already started work for the day and are leaving early. If they are coming in late and you want to record leave or a half sick day, follow the below steps as normal, and then add their jobs for the afternoon.

Step 3

  • Click the appropriate button (Sick or Leave)

Optional Step 4 

Edit timing of the leave / sick day

  • Click Edit

  • Adjust timing and click Update Job

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