Add Orchards Location Details

Personalize your Hectre account with your business' orchards, blocks, sub-blocks, and even row and tree numbers using the Admin function on the Dashboard.

Video followed by written instructions

  • Add Orchard / Ranch - steps 2, 3
  • Add Blocks - steps 4, 5, 6
  • Add Sub Blocks - step 7
  • Add Rows - step 8

Step 1

Step 2

  1. Click on Admin
  2. Click on Orchards
  3. Click the + icon

Step 3

  • Enter the Orchard / Ranch name
  • Optional: add an industry-specific code for the orchard under the PIN section
  • Optional: add a payroll cost code
  • Click Save

Step 4

  • Click on the orchard you just created (it'll be highlighted in red)
  • Click on the + next to "Block"

Step 5

  • Enter the Block Name
  • Add a Variety (see how to add varieties to your account)
  • Optional: add the land area for that variety. The template shows acres, but you can use any unit of measurement.
  • Click + Add (1) to add more varieties

Note: Click ADD (2) to save the block and move on (more varieties can be added to the block later)

Step 6

From this page you can quickly enter each variety / sub block found within the block. Each variety is represented by a Sub Block which you can name as you choose. You can also add sub blocks individually from a different page, found on Step 7.

  • Enter varieties
  • Name the Sub Block as you like
  • Optional: enter size of area and payroll cost code
  • Click + Add (1) to add the variety / sub block which will create a new line.
  • Click ADD (2) when you've finished adding all the varieties / sub blocks.

Step 7

You can also add sub blocks from the page below.

  • Click on the orchard
  • Click on the block
  • Click the + icon to add a new sub block

Step 8

Add rows to the sub blocks for recording tree-specific piece rate jobs such as pruning or thinning.

  • Click on the orchard
  • Click on the block
  • Click on the sub block
  • Click + Add New Rows to add rows 1-by-1
  • Click + Add Group of Rows to add a string of rows with all the same tree numbers


If you want to record volume for a tree-specific job, but don't need to know the specific row numbers or tree numbers, add just one row with row number 0 (zero) and tree numbers 0 (zero).

(See article on recording pruning / thinning jobs for more details)

To Edit or Delete

  • Click on the orchard, block, sub block you want to change
  • Click the pencil icon to edit the name
  • Click the trash can icon to delete the item

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