Recording Pruning / Thinning Jobs

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In this article we'll show you how to record pruning / thinning jobs for your team on the Hectre iOS app. So sit back, grab a cuppa, and we'll walk you through how to get this done.


How you log a pruning or thinning job will depend on the way your orchard is set up in Hectre.

Some growers like to record jobs down to the individual row and tree level and have those row and tree numbers listed in Hectre. Other growers prefer to leave the row and tree numbers blank and input amounts manually to calculate costs to a general block, or sub-block level. 

Below we’ll show you how to record pruning / thinning jobs (part 1) for both of those instances, how to view the average hourly rate (part 2), and how to fix mistakes (part 3).

Quick note - Once a tree is marked as pruned or thinned, it'll no longer be available in the Hectre app for that same job type. Check out our article on How to Reset Trees for a guide to making those trees available again. 

Video below followed by written instructions

Part 1 - Recording Pruning / Thinning Jobs

Step 1

  • Head to the Timesheet module
  • Click on the staff you want to select for a pruning / thinning job from the Clocked Out tab.*
  • Click the + in the top right

*You can also scan employees in with their badges to record jobs - check out our article on How to Use The New Timesheet Scan Function

Step 2

  • Choose the type of job.

In this example we’ll look at pruning, but the same process applies to thinning.
If you don’t see the job you’re looking for, scroll down the page.
Your most recent job selections will be saved to the top of the page.

Step 3

  • Choose the location of pruning / thinning.
  • Optional choose varieties and rows.
    Rows and trees can be updated later via the Update Rates and Rows page (see step 6 and 7).

Depending on your setup you may have rows and trees available to select. 
You can assign team members to rows as seen in the image.

Step 4

  • Choose whether the pruning / thinning will be paid on piece rate or wage.
  • If piece rate, enter the rate for the job.
  • Choose Start Time.
  • Click Clock In.

Step 5

Now your team’s been assigned a job and start time, you can follow up with more actions from the Timesheet module of your Clocked In team members.

  • Click on team members you want to create an action for.*
  • Click Edit.
  • Choose your action: Clock Out / Change Job / Change Location.

*You can also scan employees in with their badges to record jobs - check out our article on How to Use The New Timesheet Scan Function

We recommend recording the lunch break right before you’re ready to clock out your team.
This’ll make your jobs easier to edit throughout the day and give you a more accurate average hourly wage when checking the day’s progress.

If you decide to either Clock Out / Change Job / Change Location you’ll see a prompt to Update Rates and Rows.
See Step 6 for an example.

Step 6

When you go to either Clock Out / Change Job / Change Location you’ll see a prompt to Update Rates and Rows.

  • Click on Update Rates and Rows

    When clicked, Update Rates and Rows will take you to a page where you can check details for your team's previous pruning / thinning job.

Step 7

After you click ‘Update Rates and Rows’ you’ll see this screen. If you have row numbers specified in Hectre you’ll see a screen similar to this image.

From this page you can:

  • Assign rows
  • Change rate type to piece rate or wages
  • Update piece rate
  • Enter the amount of trees pruned / thinned in each row
  • Click Add Max Trees to auto assign all available trees in a each row to the corresponding team member.
  • Click Confirm when you’re satisfied with your changes.


If you entered all your rates and rows / trees from the beginning and don't need to Update Rates and Rows, Hectre will still check if you want to update information with the below pop-up message. It's more time consuming to edit a team's rates, rows and trees individually from their summary page, so we just want to make sure you haven't missed anything!
Click Update to double check all the details, or if you're feeling confident, click No.

Part 2 - View Average Hourly Rate

Check a summary of the day’s work.

  • Head to Summary on the bottom right of the Timesheet module.
  • View your team's average hourly rate, total pruned / thinned trees, and average minutes/tree.
  • View a daily overview for each team member individually by clicking on their name
    Typing their name into the Search Employee field.

If you see that something needs adjusting please follow the steps outlined in the next section “Fixing up a Mistake".

When you record a lunch break, it'll automatically split the day's work and calculate the trees done for each section before and after the lunch break. This is great for the end of the day and running payroll, but if you're still in the middle of recording work it will effect the daily overview of your team. We suggest recording lunch breaks at the end of the day when you're ready to clock out, or after you've already clocked out the team from Timesheets > Clocked Out > Edit

Part 3 - Fixing Mistakes 

(because we're human!)

If you make any mistakes you can update rate, location, tree numbers, clock in / clock out time for each of your team members individually.

Step 1

Don’t worry if you forget to update the tree numbers or piece rate before you clock out a team member. 

  • Head to Summary on the bottom right of the Timesheet module
  • Scroll to find, or Search Employee
  • Click Edit next to the job you want to update.

Step 2

When you click edit, all current job information will be saved, but you’ll have the ability to change any of that information at each step.

  • Update the job type if necessary.
  • Update location of the job.
    From this page you’ll also be able to enter in the amount of trees completed by the team members whose job you’re editing. 
  • Click Select Time to continue the edit.

Step 3

Lastly, you’ll be prompted to update wage type, rate, and timing.

  • Make any changes to rate type or piece rate amount
  • Make any changes to the Start time or Clock Out time
  • Click Update Job when you’ve finished editing.

And that's it!

Now you're a pro at recording pruning / thinning jobs for your team! 

If you have any questions that weren't answered in this article, send them across to - we'd love to help you out.

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