Add Varieties

Add varieties to your Hectre account as a first step to setting up your orchard details.

Adding varieties will allow them to be assigned to your orchards so that you can record variety-specific jobs, providing you with reporting and insights on your business.

Step 1

Note: The best web browser to use for Hectre is Google Chrome. Using this browser will give you the smoothest experience with the Hectre Dashboard.

Step 2

  1. Click on Admin
  2. Click on Varieties
  3. Click + Add New Variety

Step 3

  • Add Variety Name
  • Choose the Fruit Type
  • Optional: add further details on packout, price, and weight (this can be updated at any time)
  • Click Add

The newly added variety is now available to be assigned to it's specific orchard location.

Edit or Delete a Variety

  • Hover your mouse over the variety you need to change
  • Click the pencil icon to edit
  • Click the trash can icon to delete

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