Scanning External Bin Tickets

If you work with a packhouse that provides bin tickets to use on your bins, you can continue to use the packhouse tickets while still digitally tracking your yield, bin quality checks, picker performance, and timesheets in Hectre.

To do this you can scan a bin ticket containing a barcode to attach that barcode number to the Hectre bin record on the Picking screen. This enables you to use Hectre as you normally would while using the external barcode.

Please contact if you'd like to turn on this function for your business.

Note: If you activate this function in Hectre, you will not be able to print a new bin ticket from the app. Instead, Hectre will use the external bin ticket barcode number and will use that number to record the rest of the information such as; pickers, rates, location, QC etc.

Barcode types that Hectre supports:

Step 1 

We'll be using this function in the Picking module. (Check out our article on Recording Picking Jobs)

When creating a new bin record:

  • Enter bin details such as; Orchard, block, variety, piece rate etc.
  • Assign pickers to the bin
  • Click Scan Bin Ticket 

Step 2

  • Scan the barcode of the bin ticket.


A green scanner line will run up and down the screen to scan the barcode on the bin ticket you hold out in front of the camera

If the barcode is damaged in some way and can't be scanned click Input bin id to manually enter the details (see Optional Step 3 below)

Optional Step 3

  • Type in the bin ID as you see it on the bin ticket
  • Click Save

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