Hectre - Payroll page

Let's take a look at the Hectre Payroll page and how filters can be used to deep dive into payroll data.

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Powerful Filters:

Payroll Managers can multi-select different options to really dive into their payroll data. These new multi-select filters have got you covered!

  • Custom Date Ranges: select a Custom Range to review payroll details for a specific date range 
  • Filter by supervisors, staff, jobs, sectors, orchards, blocks, varieties and more: 
    • Type into a filter and press 'Enter' to search
    • Select options that you want to filter by
    • 'Apply' the filter 
    • Review results
  • Download Reports: 
    • Select 'Export' to download your custom reports 

Customized Payroll Table:

We want you to decide what details are most important for you at a quick glance!

  • Select 'More' 

  •  Click on 'Customize Columns' button 

  • Check boxes, or uncheck boxes, to hide or display columns. Or, drag and drop rows to customize the order of columns! 

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